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A Letter of Thanks

God, thank you for being in control. I’m pretty unsure right now—about a lot of things—so it’s been comforting to know that you’ve got my back.

In fact, I’ve learned that the unknown (1) freaks me out and (2) stresses me out. It’s just not healthy. So honestly, thank you for showing me that worrying does no good. There are much better uses of my time.

Also, thank you for showing me the importance of storing up your Word in my heart. Little pieces of memorized Scripture have been coming back to me in my not-so-strong moments.

I can cast my cares on you and you will not let me fall. I shouldn't be anxious, but in every situation I can let my requests be made known to you. And God, you have taken care of the flowers of the field...how much more will you take care of me?

Such simple verses, God, but when I’m freaking out about stuff I currently have no control over, repeating these words has gotten me through.

And honestly, it has been so long since I have taken the time to memorize Scripture, and I have missed out on so much because of it. I'm going to change that, God. Having your Word readily in my mind is more valuable than I often admit. Memorizing Scripture is never a waste of time.

Also, thanks for teaching me that there is a time for everything. And thank you for those little nudges, reminding me to enjoy today. I keep trying to hurry along the days until graduation, but one day, I’ll wish that I hadn’t been so eager to move on. I may not always see the importance of the season of life that I am in, but I can’t deny that you have used this time to teach me so much.

You’ve taught me to be content, to trust, to stand firm, and to have patience.

You are so, so good.

That said, here’s my last thing… how do people manage without you? I honestly don’t know if I could make it a day. I depend on you so much, God, and other people need you, too. Help me to share your love with more people.

You’ve given me a sphere of influence, and you’ve given me your Holy Spirit. I can’t—and I don’t want—to keep you to myself.

Thank you for all the lessons and reminders from these past couple weeks. I don’t know what I would do without you.


P.S. Hey friends, sometimes I feel like God’s been saying a whole lot and it’s too much to put down into one post…unless I do something like this. So every once in a while, I may just write out my prayer. Not only is it extremely therapeutic (you should try it!!), but hopefully the simple lessons I’ve learned will be an encouragement and apply to you, too.

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